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Tooth-colored fillings available for treating tooth decay

Patients who have areas of dental decay need to see their dentist as soon as possible to get a correct and accurate diagnosis and discuss the treatment necessary to keep the decay from getting bigger and deeper. Dr. Rich Flores and his team in Willoughby, Ohio, are available to help! With the use of tooth-colored or white dental fillings, patients can have the decay treated while ensuring the repair blends in with the smile. Unlike other materials, such as metal and silver amalgam, composite resin bonding is the best way to address decay and other imperfections in the smile.

Why do I need to fill my cavity?

If you have a dental cavity, it means that you have a small hole or soft spot in your tooth. This is usually caused by decay, so it’s important to see your dentist as soon as possible. Decay happens when plaque and bacteria build up on your teeth and create acids that eat away at your enamel. When patients visit Dr. Flores regularly for cleanings and evaluations, small cavities may be detected in their earliest stage–and treated quickly without further complications. Filling the cavity is essential to stop the decay and seal the inner canals of the tooth to keep bacteria from entering and resulting in an unwanted infection. Patients might need either root canal therapy or permanent tooth extraction if this happens.

How does the filling work?

A filling is used to fill in the hole left behind by the decay and restore your tooth to its original shape and size. Composite resin bonding is a filling that uses a tooth-colored material to blend in with your natural teeth. It’s also strong and durable, so it can withstand the force of biting and chewing.

Find out more about cavity fillings provided at the practice of Dr. Rich Flores

Willoughby, OH area patients interested in learning more about using tooth-colored fillings using composite resin bonding can schedule an evaluation and initial consultation appointment with our team to discuss this further. The office of Richard C. Flores, DDS, LLC is located at 34940 Ridge Road, Suite A, and is open to new and returning patients in Mentor, Eastlake, Willoughby Hills, Kirtland, and Wickliffe. Call (440) 856-8774 today to request a visit with our team.