Tooth Extractions
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Tooth extraction provided by our experienced dental provider

There are times when patients might need a dental extraction. Dental extractions, also called tooth extractions or tooth removal, require a dental provider to remove a tooth that is either above the gum line or underneath. Dr. Rich Flores of Willoughby, Ohio, is a dental provider who can offer simple and surgical extractions for patients visiting his practice. Continue reading to learn more about these removal options.

What is a simple extraction?

Dr. Flores describes simple extraction as removing a tooth that is accessible above the gum line. This may be a tooth infected, broken, or beyond repair. Other times, it may be teeth removed before orthodontic work to help with overcrowding and realignment. During a simple extraction, the patient is appropriately anesthetized, and within a few minutes, the tooth is removed from the jawbone.

What is a surgical extraction?

A surgical extraction is the removal of a tooth that is not visible above the gum line. This often happens with wisdom teeth, which become impacted or “stuck” in the jaw. This can cause pain and discomfort for the patient and requires removal to resolve. A surgical dental extraction can be more extensive and requires the dentist to perform teeth surgery, possibly accessing below the gums to access the tooth within the jawbone. Recovery from surgical extractions takes longer than simple extractions. Still, our team will provide proper aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of infection, dry socket, and other complications that may arise.

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If you need an emergency tooth extraction, wisdom teeth removal, or teeth removal to prepare for specific treatments such as orthodontia or dentures, we can help! Dr. Rich Flores and his team in Willoughby, OH, are dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care for patients of all ages in his office, located at 34940 Ridge Road, Suite A. Call the office of Richard C. Flores, DDS, LLC, at (440) 856-8774 to request an appointment with our team and get started learning about all we have to offer in our state-of-the-art facility. We also service patients and families in the surrounding communities of Eastlake, Mentor, Kirtland, and Wickliffe.