Preventative Services

To keep a healthy, bright smile, daily care is necessary. Regular visits to your dentist are essential. Preventive dentistry is the most cost-effective, convenient way to retain your brilliant smile!

We provide a full range of preventative services, for children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens alike, including:

  • Regular cleanings to remove plaque and calculus (tartar), and polishing to smooth the enamel and remove stain

  • Screenings and evaluations for:

    • tooth decay (caries)

    • fractures

    • malocclusions (incorrect bites) requiring orthodontic treatment

    • periodontal (gum tissue) disease

    • oral cancer

    • TMJ (jaw joint) disorders

  • Assessment of bruxism (clenching and/or grinding), and treatment with custom-made bruxism guards (night guards)

  • Fluoride treatments to strengthen teeth

  • Pit and fissure sealants to prevent decay

  • Home care instructions to help you maintain your teeth

Digital X-rays

Our office is equipped to take digital x-rays and panoramic x-rays. Digital x-rays use a sensor in place of traditional film to capture images. We place the sensor on a holding device, which we then gently place in your mouth in the same way we place film in your mouth for traditional x-rays. We use the same x-ray machine as before, but now we only need to use a very small dose of radiation to expose the sensor. Digital x-rays use approximately 75 to 80 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. The images appear immediately on the computer screen and can then be digitally enhanced and enlarged to provide optimum diagnostic capability.

Intraoral Camera

Our office is equipped with an intraoral camera, which allows us to capture pictures inside your mouth. We use these images as visual aids so you can see why we are recommending a specific treatment, or for insurance claims when necessary. These pictures, when enlarged and displayed on the TV monitor, allow you to see fractures, decay, or “before” and “after” comparison images of your treatment. It allows you to see areas of your mouth that are difficult to see using a mirror. The intraoral camera is approximately the size of an electric toothbrush and is painless to use.



We also have the DIAGNOdent, which is an oral sensor that helps us to detect caries (decay) at the earliest stage. This allows us to provide treatment before damage occurs.

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