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The use of an Intraoral Scanner in our dental facility

At the practice of Dr. Rich Flores in Willoughby, Ohio, patients can enjoy a wide range of technologically-advanced solutions to help them achieve and maintain their dental health. In addition to providing digital dental x-rays, our team also offers an intraoral scanner. With our TRIOS Intraoral Scanner, patients can see their smile from their dentist’s point of view and replace messy impression pastes when molds are needed of a patient’s smile or prepared tooth. These images and molds created from these cameras are of great precision and accuracy, ensuring the best fit and function of any appliances or restorations made from these photos.

How does an intraoral scanner work?

Our intraoral scanner is a specialized wand-like device with a camera lens at its end. It is inserted into the oral cavity and used to create a three-dimensional digital model of the patient’s teeth and gums. In the past, when creating molds and impressions for retainers, trays, or dentures, we used a messy material that many patients did not feel comfortable with. Instead, we now insert the camera into the mouth to provide fast and painless images and models for our office or outside laboratory use.

Additionally, the intraoral camera is connected to the computer monitors set up in our patient rooms during oral examinations. When talking to patients about their oral health, we can use the camera to provide live video or take still images of areas of concern. This allows our patients to understand their dental health needs better and visually see what Dr. Flores sees. Utilizing this technology in the dental office will enable patients to enjoy better oral health and wellness and have a complete understanding of what their unique needs may be.

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