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Brighten the smile quickly and safely with professional in-office teeth whitening

A bright, white smile allows a patient to feel and look confident when socializing with others. However, not everyone naturally has a white smile. With professional in-office teeth whitening solutions in Willoughby, Ohio, patients can achieve the look they’ve always wanted in a reliable and affordable way. Dr. Rich Flores and his team are pleased to offer bleaching services to new and current patients using the powerful treatment – Opalescence Boost.

What type of whitening is available with Dr. Flores?

Our team is pleased to provide in-office whitening using a popular and reliable product called Opalescence Boost. This treatment requires a one-hour appointment. We typically recommend that patients start with a dental cleaning to ensure the teeth are clean and ready for the bleaching ingredients to work their best! The gums and soft tissues of the mouth are isolated, and the whitening product is administered onto the natural tooth enamel. The ingredients are activated once placed onto the patient’s teeth and it begins to lift stains while patients rest in the treatment chair as it works its magic!

Why might I consider professional teeth whitening?

Many patients who come into our office asking about in-office bleaching are seeking a way to brighten their smiles quickly and easily. Most have already tried the over-the-counter products at their local drugstores, but dealt with minimal results and disappointing changes. It is very common for some of our patients to have their whitening done once a year during regular checkups. In contrast, others may schedule an appointment to brighten their smile to prepare for an upcoming wedding, job interview, or reunion to ensure they look their best.

Find out more about whitening the smile during a single visit with in-office bleaching

If you are interested in quickly and effectively brighten your smile but have found over-the-counter whitening options to be insufficient, it may be time to contact Dr. Rich Flores of Willoughby, OH, to discuss possible solutions further. Our office is located at 34940 Ridge Road, Suite A, and is available for patients in and around the communities of Eastlake, Mentor, Kirtland, and Wickliffe. Call (440) 856-8774 to request a consultation appointment at Richard C. Flores, DDS, LLC, and find out if you are a good candidate for our professional in-office teeth whitening solutions!