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The advantages of digital dental x-rays

At our practice, Dr. Rich Flores and his team work directly with patients to help them fully understand their oral health and current needs. To do this, we have invested in some of the latest technologies. Traditional dental x-rays are used to monitor oral health, prepare for dental surgeries, or to diagnose certain conditions that cannot be seen above the gum line or on the natural teeth. However, these conventional (non-digital) x-ray images have many disadvantages such as increased radiation exposure, longer developing times, and lack of detail. Instead, we provide digital x-rays for our patients. This results in instant imaging and more efficient and accurate diagnosis of possible problems.

What is a digital dental x-ray?

Dr. Rich Flores describes the digital dental x-ray as a way of capturing images of the smile without the amount of radiation often associated with more traditional x-ray images. Because the photos are digital, they are readily brought up and stored on a computer system in our office. This allows us to digitally add these images to your patient file and makes it simpler than ever to send these images over to other professionals in the event of a referral. Additionally, digital dental x-rays can be viewed on the monitors in each patient room, allowing patients to see any possible issues or concerns with their own eyes. We can easily zoom in on these digital images to better understand the patient’s overall oral health and wellness. We also offer panoramic images to capture the entire dental arch in a single image – this can be particularly useful when diagnosing the development and positioning of third molars (wisdom teeth).

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Our office is equipped with the latest, most modern solutions for a wide range of dental needs. We continue to invest in our practice to ensure we offer the latest techniques and modalities for helping our patients achieve and maintain oral health and wellness. If you live in or around the Willoughby, OH, area and want to speak with our team of professionals at Richard C. Flores, DDS, LLC, about the importance of using digital dental x-rays, connect with us by calling (440) 856-8774 for an appointment at 34940 Ridge Road, Suite A. We are open to both new and currently enrolled patients and families seeking the best comprehensive dental care in the community. We also serve patients in the areas of Wickliffe, Kirtland, Mentor, and Eastlake.