Dentistry for Children

We suggest that your child should have a first dental appointment at two years of age, unless your pediatrician recommends an earlier visit because of dental problems. In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends a first visit at one year of age.

Please feel free to bring your toddler in while you are having your dental cleaning, to meet Dr. Ken and become acquainted with the office and exam rooms. If your toddler becomes restless during the appointment, he or she can watch children’s programs on the patient television while we finish your cleaning.

Our goal in the first visit is for the child to feel confident and have fun. We recommend bringing your child in when they are well-rested, first thing in the morning or right after naptime. In addition, please make sure your child is not hungry or thirsty. You may want to schedule your own appointment right before your child’s, so that he or she can watch during your cleaning.

During this first visit, we will try to do as much or as little as your child finds comfortable. If your child is relaxed, we will scale (scrape) any plaque off the teeth, and polish them if possible. In addition, at the end of the visit, your child will receive a toothbrush and get to select a toy from our toy chest.

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