Composite Veneers

Pictured: Before and after composite veneer restorations, gross calculus debridement, prophylaxis completed in-office, & a thorough commitment to our recommended homecare hygiene program! These results observed approximately 1 month after patient’s initial visit.

Here is the patient’s own testimonial of her experience at our office:


“Smile!” Is a happy, simple word. But to someone suffering with failing teeth, it’s terrifying. I learned pretty quickly how to hide my smile from everyone in my life. I was embarrassed, depressed, and ashamed; I felt completely alone. I have missed out on so many exciting events by volunteering to be the photographer, or to smile with a closed mouth. I wasn’t myself, hiding the most important part about me; a healthy, clean beautiful smile. I was so embarrassed that I avoided the dentist completely. I thought I would be judged, looked down on for how unhealthy my smile truly was.

That all changed after I stepped into Dr. Flores’ office for my consultation and cleaning. I was welcomed with open, non-judgmental arms. That fear and embarrassment that kept me a prisoner in my own skin vanished. Dr. Flores sat down and talked to me with such respect and kindness. He explained the entire process, step by step, making sure I completely understood and knew what to expect. He was just as excited and anxious as I was to have a bright, healthy smile again.

After my cleaning I felt a huge difference and the biggest weight was lifted off my chest. I couldn’t wait to come back for my next appointment and get started!

Dr. Flores and his staff went above and beyond at making me feel like I mattered and made me feel so comfortable every step of the way. Each visit, they all personally came and asked me how I was feeling, how my teeth felt, if I was having any issues. They made me feel as though I was their most important patient. And that alone is what I believe makes them special. They treat each and every patient as if they’re a celebrity.

My entire life has changed, I wish I could put into words just how wonderful I truly feel. I thank Dr. Flores and every member of his staff for giving me my life back.

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