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How bone grafting can prepare a patient for dental implants

Bone grafting, also known as socket preservation, is often performed after removing a natural tooth or before specific procedures such as the placement of dental implants. When a tooth is removed, the bone around that tooth will often shrink due to bone resorption. That might result in the shifting of the remaining teeth or loosening of the surrounding structures. To avoid this, upon removing a tooth, Dr. Rich Flores of Willoughby, Ohio, may recommend bone grafting. This procedure prepares the areas for implants, restores the jawbone after tooth loss, and allows for improvement in the area after conditions such as severe periodontitis.

What can I expect with bone grafting treatments?

Dr. Flores often recommends bone graft surgery in connection with the removal of a tooth. If bone grafting is not done along in conjunction with an extraction, the bone in the area will quickly shrink. Patients interested in implants will also need to undergo bone grafting to ensure there is enough bone to keep the implant held in place and allow for osseointegration to occur. At the time of removal, we recommend using cadaver bone to maintain the structure.

How long does bone grafting take?

Part of bone grafting is the period after the procedure has been performed to the point where the bone is adequately healed and ready for further treatments, such as the placement of dental implants. It typically takes about four months for maturation of a placed bone graft to ensure that the area is hardened and solid. After this, digital dental x-rays are taken to check on the formation of the bone before placing implants. Patients can also use bone grafting after long-term denture wearing to restore the youthful appearance of the mouth and jaw due to extended bone resorption.

How do I find out more about bone grafting procedures?

Dr. Rich Flores is pleased to offer bone grafting and other restorative treatments. Whether you require bone grafting to prepare for implants, restore bone after teeth removal, or repair the area after extensive periodontal disease, we encourage you to book a consultation visit with our team at Richard C. Flores, DDS, LLC. Call (440) 856-8774 to request a visit at 34940 Ridge Road, Suite A.